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About the Lion Health Initiative

     The mission of the Lion Health Initiative (LHI) is to provide development opportunities to individuals and communities. LHI uses a 15-topic assessment model, wraparound supports and ongoing trainings to identify and address adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) which impact our adult efficacy. LHI staff work with youth (ages 5 to 25) and their support teams to identify strengths in educational, vocational, leisure and other areas of life to prevent, protect and heal ACEs at the earliest time post trauma-exposure. Mentors aim to provide resources and assist with the development of life skills. Our purpose is to use experiential learning to provide youth development opportunities and address ACEs. LHI believes community building through individual development is how generational community networks are built and maintained.


                      LHI was originally created to focus on three main areas:


1.Conducting an ACEs public awareness and mobilization campaign by providing information about trauma-informed and healing-centered services available.

2.Provide ACEs related information to youth and families throughout sessions and promoting trauma-informed and healing-centered services and supports.

3.Creating healthy networks through healthy people. LHI believes healthy people can create healthy networks. This means taking care of yourself to the best of your ability and ensuring our community steps in when situations get overwhelming.

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Environment, Social and Governance

Partner with Environmentally Conscientious Organizations

Pay Fair Wages and Provide Quality Services to our Consumers

Work with Stakeholders to Ensure Accountability and Transparency

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